Grün is the German word for Green. GRüNISH is my word for my attempts to become a more sustainable person.

Not looking too closely, my life is kind of harmless. No big eco-sins, no dumping of mineral oil or plastic waste into the ocean nor major smoke clouds visible above my house. And I’m sharing all these Save-the-Environment-Articles on social networks, thinking ‘This is tragic, that needs to be stopped!’. Wondering what a tiny person like myself can do about all this nasty stuff that is going on.

But I realized, that I’m part of the problem with my ‘harmless’ lifestyle, because I’m actually one of those people through which big companies are able to do this, as I am a buyer of their stuff. I’m actually far from being entirely GRüN, but I’m working on being GRüNISH on a daily basis. Starting with the tiny things and hopefully soon finding bigger things that I can turn GRüN.

Hope you’ll give me a helping hand on my way to become GRüNISH.

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Update April 2015

Found the first bigger thing that I can move! I’ve created the Zero Waste Bloggers Network which currently has 35 members from those countries: US, UK, CA, DE, FR, MX, PL, AU. We’re getting connected, we’re getting organized, we support each other, ask questions, provide answers. If you think you should be a member too, please email me.

Zero Waste Bloggers Network Logo

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