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My GRüNISH adventures started at my home and now there are many other places where I’m Zero Waste-ing :-) I founded the Zero Waste Bloggers Network and started Zero Waste Talk on Twitter #zwtot. Here you can find more about my GRüNISH adventures in social media.

Meeting Alison from Zero Waste Market CA

A talk with Alison from Vancouver’s Zero Waste Market

I was walking up and down Abbott St in Vancouver looking for number 221. At least 5 times up and down, and I was late which I didn’t want to be, and my stomach felt a bit weird too. And then I finally saw it: The Capilano Tea House. I rushed over the street, into the Tea House and saw Alison already sitting there, looking great: long blond hair, a young woman who’s going to make the world a better place. In Vancouver.   We said Hi, I needed a tea first, I was really kind of nervous. So then we sat down, sipped our delicious teas and I wanted to ask her a million questions.    Alison is part of the team that is working hard on opening Vancouver’s first Zero Waste Market. Brianne Miller is the founder and I had hoped to meet her too but unfortunately she had travel plans already. The other team members are Paula (co-founder), Aly (video grapher), and here I was sitting with Alison.    Alison got into Zero Waste …

How to save the planet from trashed beaches?

Save the planet with these Zero Waste Bloggers

There are lots of different ways you can take to help save the planet. The problems that we’re facing are countless and so manifold, that it can be hard to decide where to start. Donating money to a good cause, volunteering for a non-profit, participating in beach cleanup day, these are all good ideas to get involved. But all of these actions are taken AFTER the actual problem occurred, right? If the beach wouldn’t be sprinkled with trash, we wouldn’t have to pick up. How to save the planet with actions BEFORE those problems arise?  Check the list below to find Zero Waste Bloggers around the world writing in your language about how to prevent waste at home, when you’re traveling, during the holidays, in the office and many other occasions. Easy actions you can do everyday, in your bathroom, in your kitchen, during your groceries shopping tour or when you pick up a coffee-to-go.  Try out their ideas, let them know how it went for you by commenting on their blogs and if you like what someone has written, share the blog post on your …

Zero Waste Journey

Why I created the Zero Waste Survey

Zero Waste Lifestyle is without doubt a trend still in it’s children’s shoes but growing rapidly. People all over the world start rethinking the products in their kitchen and bathroom, switching to reusable food and beverage containers, ditching disposables, refusing unnecessary stuff and investigating how to make toothpaste, how to compost, where to bulk shop because they care about nature, our oceans, the world we leave for following generations.  I had some sleepless nights thinking about this group of people. Why did they start their Zero Waste journey in the first place? And how could we get others to reach the same point so they would start this journey as well? How complicated  or easy is reaching for a Zero Waste Lifestyle for interested people? What is actually in their trashcans, how do they live? Initially I created a bunch of polls in facebook groups to get some answers but I didn’t feel satisfied since there are so many more questions whirling around my head at night. Zero Waste Obstacles Survey I’ve created the Zero Waste …

Zero Waste Bloggers Network members at Green Festival in Portland

Zero Waste Bloggers Network members at Green Festival

Last Sunday I, and 7months old Mika, were lucky enough to meet up with Christine ( and Chloé (, two fellow members of the Zero Waste Bloggers Network at the Green Festival in Portland. Christine was given the opportunity to speak for half an hour about her packageless life. I wish I had filmed the talk because it was very professional and I would have loved to share it with you. Maybe Christine, would you make a video with your presentation? What impressed me most was how she managed to connect the dots between fancy, new packages and trash, because this is what is missing in our society. We, city people, are eager to get stuff in always nicer looking, more promising packages. But we don’t realize that all those shiny shells turns into something we perceive as stinky and dirty the minute the product is used up: trash. I very much hope that we’ll get the Zero Waste Bloggers Network to a point where we can support Zero Waste Bloggers with much more in regards …

Zero Waste Blogger 100

Zero Waste Blogger 100

My steel cup dangerously full with decaf hemp latte in hand, camera and freshly painted sign on the passenger seat, I went on a special road trip today. While I was driving West, I wondered about how lucky I am. Or maybe how generous the Zero Waste gods had been with me since I started the Zero Waste Bloggers Network back in march. See, since then I’ve added Bloggers from all over the world to our group. Check out our amazing map: Now imagine my surprise when I found out that member number 100 lives in Portland, Oregon, just one hour from Hood River. What a lucky coincidence! I delightfully knocked on the door of a cute, small, red house and Chloé opened. The house shows clearly that she mastered simplification. A place of calm and piece as no stuff is invading. Chloé speaks with a charming french accent. I can just say that it was such an amazing experience to talk in person with a fellow Zero Waster. We chatted about our experiences with shops, the …



What’s a zwtot, you ask? Is it a thing? Can I eat it? You might have heard about Zero Waste Bloggers Network already, a group of 94(!) Zero Waste Bloggers globally. I’m uber happy about this great community, very supportive, very informative and collaborative. The existence of this group keeps sparking new ideas in me ALL THE TIME! I’ll talk about my zwtot idea now and spare the others for other days. zwtot is my idea how to connect people / twitter users that are interested in Zero Waste Lifestyle and also to ramp up Zero Waste Topics on Twitter in general to get more attention from people that haven’t heard about Zero Waste yet. zwtot is not a competitor of #zerowasteweek, it’s merely the small brother. zwtot is Zero Waste Talk on Twitter Today was the sensational first Zero Waste Talk on Twitter. The first of more to come. How does it work, you wonder? A topic is announced ahead of time and twitter users can send questions that are circling around this topic. Each twitter …

margarite blog

65 Zero Waste Bloggers

Many ways lead to a Zero Waste Lifestyle.  As many ways as there are people. Everyone is different and everyone lives a different life.  If you want to switch to a Zero Waste Life, it can be troublesome to read a book about it and then try all the great suggestions from this book. Maybe because the described bulk shopping isn’t available in the area. Or maybe the author has a whole different way of living and all the good ideas are not applicable to your own situation. Or the community or country in which you live has a completely different way of treating recycling. Maybe there is no recycling or weekly composting service. Don’t get stuck on one way described by one person. Changing to Zero Waste is a process in which you’ll find your own way of living without producing waste. Luckily there are many very inspiring blogs out there who can help with great ideas. Celebrating the 65th blogger in our Zero Waste Bloggers Network, I wanted to share with you once again …

10 questions you always wanted to ask Zero Waste Bloggers

We’ve got a sweet group of 28 Zero Waste Bloggers together now, and we’re international:  US, UK, CA, FR, DE, AU, PL.  How awesome! If your interested in being part of the group read Call for Zero Waste Bloggers. Now let’s play a game. I’ll be answering 10 questions about my Zero Waste experiences and then tag 3 other Zero Waste Bloggers who will then answer and tag 3 ZWBloggers as well. Let’s get it rolling! I’m tagging the following folks: Kimberley with Stephanie with Stephanie with How / Why did you first start switching to a Zero Waste lifestyle? I had experimented with different diet approaches for a while: Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw and moved back and forth between those and convenience food. That is the stuff that I can easily prepare because I’m used to it since childhood. Much of the food I prepared involved can opening. Canned food has its value, e.g. when it comes to conflict areas and emergency situations, but it shouldn’t be the daily food if it can be avoided. In order to …


Grün is the German word for Green. GRüNISH is my word for my attempts to make myself a more sustainable person. Not looking too closely, my life is kind of harmless. No big eco-sins, no dumping of mineral oil or plastic waste into the ocean nor major smoke clouds visible above my house. And I’m sharing all these Save-the-Environment-Articles on social networks, thinking ‘This is tragic, that needs to be stopped!’. Wondering what a tiny person like myself can do about all this nasty stuff that is going on. But I realized, that I’m part of the problem with my ‘harmless’ lifestyle, because I’m actually one of those people through which big companies are able to do this, as I am a buyer of their stuff. I’m actually far from being entirely GRüN, but I’m working on being GRüNISH on a daily basis. Starting with the tiny things and hopefully soon finding bigger things that I can turn GRüN. Hope you’ll give me a helping hand on my way to become GRüNISH.