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BLUE GOLD *facepalm*

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” – Galileo


My entire life I had a crystal clear picture of the water cycle and never understood mom, who asked me to save water… not to waste water… turn of the faucet while brushing teeth. And all that.

How could it be wasted? The total amount of water on Planet Earth wouldn’t become less, no matter if I left the water running from faucet to sink or not. It  will be cleaned and reused.

While I was watching BLUE GOLD, I had to facepalm myself, because this is not what is really happening.

15 times more water gets pumped from the ground water for our use, than it is replenished by rain. Much of the polluted water, polluted from cities, industry and agriculture, goes into the Oceans.  Plants and trees die because of the missing ground water and so they can not hold rain water in the eroding soil. Rain water can not sink through the hard, dry surface and it runs off, in creeks, rivers, back into the Oceans.

97% of the Earth’s water is salt water, only 3% is fresh water, much of that is polluted beyond human use.

There is a scene in the documentary, where a young girl explains on a school board, how the water cycle actually behaves, contrary to what I had believed previously. And here goes the facepalm.  If only someone had explained that to me a couple of years ago.

Also very interesting is that the water weight of the oceans is increasing due to the additional water, the water that is not held on land in the ground anymore. This causes pressure on the ocean floor, while the land surface weight is lightened. This can cause changes to the structure of the earth’s crust which causes earthquakes and potentially tsunami waves.

There were many more facepalms needed during this documentary for me. I highly recommend, if you haven’t watched it yet, you watch BLUE GOLD on youtube.

The amount of fresh water used for products (list below) as mentioned in the documentary, leaves me with the question, why all water saving efforts always seem to be expected from the consumer. Industry and Agriculture are wasting much more water. But then on the other hand, it’s the consumer who makes it possible for the big guys to do all that, just simply by buying their products.

  • 350,000 L of fresh water are used for the manufacturing of an average automobile
  • up to 840 L of water per barrel of mineral oil
  • 32 L  for one  Microchip
  • 30,240 L per 50 lb bag of wheat
  • 5.2 million L of water for 750 lb of meat !!!!
  • 99 L per apple
  • 1.8 million L per bale of cotton
  • 77,510 L per 50 lb bag rice
  • 107 L per banana
  • 21,924 L per 50 lb bag of corn
  • 120 L per dozen roses (produced in Kenya, exported to US)

My head is spinning! What do you think?

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