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Ear stuff

There are lots of warnings out there that tell you to never ever use cotton swaps aka ear swaps in your ears. Horror stories about punctured ear drums or a horrible pile up of ear wax and hell breaking loose can be found online.

Now, I have to tell you though, that I’ve always used cotton swaps, since I was very young. IN MY EARS!

And before I continue, I just want to warn you, this is simply a story about me and shouldn’t be understood as an advice to you. Don’t do what I’m doing. Make your own conscious and well informed decision about your ears.

Now after that is out, let me continue. I’ve always used them, and it was good for me. If I hadn’t done that every 2nd or 3rd day I would have gone completely mad with the tingling sensation in my ears.

Family and friends tried to talk me out of it, but no chance. It’s a necessity.

Comparing my ear wax with other’s… yes, ear wax comparings are happening occasionally… led me to the realization that my ear wax is different from all those people I’ve compared it with.

There are two different types of ear wax, one is yellow and sticky and the other one is white and dry. I’ve got the later one. It’s like snake skin that comes off because of the natural shedding process of a snake. This type of ear wax seems to be common under Asians and Native Americans.

If you think I got even more curious at that point, you know me well. I actually did a genetic test to find out where my ancestors came from. I was told that I’m 3-8% Asian. AHA!! And, yes, I’d love to compare my ear wax with someone Asian’s ear wax some day. Anyone interested?

Anyway. Learned a lot about my ear wax but all that didn’t help with stopping the Q-tip usage.

Now that I’m trying to reduce disposable stuff, I had to rethink the whole Q-tip thing. I don’t want to buy those anymore, nor their plastic packaging. But I do need something that frees me from snake skin caused tingling.

Found it!


It’s called ear pick, looks like a tiny spoon and is made of steel.  It’s working. It feels different than the cotton swabs but, well, it’s steel, not cotton.  It serves the purpose and that’s all I need. The remaining Q-tips, I’ll leave for visitors and not buy any new boxes once this one is empty.

Weird? Only weird until I’m used to it. Then it’s normal.

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  1. Compost_Lady says

    At the start of my Zero Journey I simply moved to paper q-tips and started using them less. Now I am not using them at all. The steel “spoon” you posted seems perfectly natural to me, but only because I remember having one of these growing up in Germany. Ours had more of a loop at the end of it, and it worked, you just have to be careful when using it. I like your send-off comment, “It’s only weird until I’m used to it.” It’s so true! You’re changing the mindset one steel ear pick at a time 🙂

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