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Getting rid of the cling

Some things are easier to get rid off, some are harder.

I’ve done a lot of replacements over the last couple of months, most of which were easier, e.g. shower gel bottles, disposable to-go coffee cups, chopsticks.

One of the harder things was this cling wrap, I thought. You know, this translucent plastic wrap stuff that keeps food fresh longer. We used it for the half onion that we didn’t need today, for left overs from lunch and dinner, for half veggies and fruits, for cheese.

Now, I’m to a degree ashamed to say that, it’s not hard at all.

I just didn’t know how to keep stuff stored the correct way. The purpose of the cling wrap is to keep oxygen away from the food. This can be achieved with other methods as well. My fridge is now full of mason jars, airtight glass containers and bee’s wrapped food.

Lunch or dinner left overs go into a mason jar and into the fridge. Same with freshly bought fruits and vegetables, where suitable.

Carrots are a good example. The way I stored them for many years: either loose in the crisper drawer where they immediately started to shrivel and grow some grey-ish stuff. After a couple of days they were not nicely looking anymore. The other option was to leave them in the plastic bag that I had bought them in, seems to be the same stuff cling is made from. Carrots didn’t like it in there. They got all sweaty and started molding.
Bees wrap
Just recently I discovered another option, the bee’s wrap. I think, those should be used sparingly because bee’s have to work hard to make the bee’s wrap possible. So for most food storage, I try to make it work with glass jars. Where it doesn’t work, I wrap around a bee’s wrap.

One example is the half pineapple in the picture on the left. Wrapping it in bee’s wrap was easy and it stored the pineapple well (kept it a couple of days like this in the fridge). It even smelled heavenly.

Thinking about this case a little longer though, I could have cut the pineapple into small cubes and stored them in a glass as well.

Habits are a weird thing. It was really hard for me to imagine my fridge-ed food without cling, but now I think it’s super simple and I wonder why I ever started using cling.

Observing our recent visitor, a cooking expert, storing food wrapped with cling was interesting. Yes, I introduced our new way of storing food but as it wasn’t a habit of the cooking expert to do it that way, it didn’t stick. Changing habits isn’t easily done.

Happy to not be cling-dependent anymore.

Please get yourself some food storage containers and stop the plastic wrapper madness.


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  3. Bee’s wrap has been on my wishlist for so long – thanks for inspiring me to go ahead and purchase a few! We’ve been using far too much cling wrap lately, mostly to wrap up snacks for my toddler, and I feel guilty each time.

    • Hey Liz, you can also make them easily yourself. Just google ‘how to make bee’s wrap’. And there are a lot of other alternatives to wraps like reusable steel containers, even those old school sandwich containers or mason jars. We carry small portions of snacks around in those mini mason jars all the time.

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