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Onto the next plastic bottle in the bathroom: Shampoo!

It’s a complicated topic for me, because my scalp seems to be ginger – addicted. It would only be happy if I used  ginger shampoo from body shop. Nothing else was ok or ok-ish. Since a couple of years, I had tried alternatives but my scalp went crazy right after the first use of something other than the beloved ginger shampoo. I’ll spare you the details… So, I was kind of dependent on body shops and their ginger shampoo supply, which sucks when there’s no body shop around and the shampoo bottle comes to an end. Panic!

At some point a year or two ago, body shop, much to my horror, took ginger shampoo out of their assortment. Terrified I searched through ebay and amazon to find some remaining bottles and bought, I think, 8 large bottles from private sellers for horrific prices.

Pheeww… safe for a while! But then I was told that 5 of the ingredients are actually not very healthy (some even are known to cause cancer). Now, that might be the reason why body shop had discontinued the shampoo. They seem to be selling them again now, maybe the ingredients have changed. I absolutely don’t want them anymore though.

And hey! … I’ve got an alternative !! Researching hair washing methods that don’t involve plastic bottles, I found and tried a shampoo bar.  I could have never imagined that there is some type of soap available which is good for washing hair, but it is and it is great.

shampoo bar and packagingI had to order it online, non of the local shops offer shampoo bars. I ordered just one for testing purposes and was quite annoyed by the plastic envelope and the plastic bubble wrapper in which the soap was delivered. And the soap bar was much smaller than I expected.

Not a good start for our relationship. But now that I’ve used it for a couple of weeks, I absolutely love it. And my scalp and hair loves it as well!! Double phew!!

It will actually last for a while I guess. It hasn’t changed it’s size a tiny bit since I used it first. So, next time, I’ll order a bunch and will also send a message to the seller that they PLEASE, PLEASE should pack it in a simple and small carton box. It won’t rain in the UPS truck, I’m sure the soap won’t get wet. No need for double plastic or plastic at all.

Here is another exiting alternative that I’m looking forward to experimenting with: shampoo ginger. Not ‘ginger shampoo’ but ‘shampoo ginger’. That’s actually a ginger plant, also called Awapuhi (Hawaiian) and Zingiber zerumbet (Latin) . It’s a beautiful looking and smelling ginger plant which makes cones that produce a liquid that can be used for washing hair. Check out shampoo ginger on wikipedia. I ordered three rhizomes (roots) and I’m patiently waiting for Spring to arrive so I can plant them in our tiny garden. I’ll keep you posted on this experiment.

Until then, I’ll stick to the shampoo bar, happy about the lack of plastic bottles. Maybe I can convince one of the local stores to offer shampoo bars?

What are you using?


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  1. Ok I got a complete image of it raining inside of the truck and couldn’t stop giggling.
    I love Chagrin Valley’s shampoo bars. They’re super attentive to their packaging if you ever want to switch. You can get sample bars also, to see which ones your hair likes. But sounds like you’ve found one that makes your hair happy 🙂

    • OMG! Those look even very tasty! Glad they sell samples, I would not be able to choose as so many look so good, I can almost smell them. Thanks for letting me know, will definitely try those next.

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  6. Susan says

    The shampoo bar recommended has palm oil in it which is not a sustainable product. Large areas of tropical forests and other ecosystems with high conservation values have been cleared to make room for vast monoculture oil palm plantations – destroying critical habitat for many endangered species, including rhinos, elephants and tigers.

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