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Scrub cocktail anyone?

Watch out bathroom! Everything gets environment friendly now! But don’t be scared, the new stuff is much better, even edible. And one thing at a time. Big change, step by step!

We started with replacing all liquid soap and body wash with actual soap bars. Easy.

Next one is facial and body scrub. Did you know that some of the store-bought scrub solutions contain microscopic plastic pellets? A study delivered prove that those mini plastic particles end in the water system and even in organisms. Read about Microbeads In Soaps Facing Bans Due To Great Lakes Pollution. Some companies are working on removing the plastic from their solutions. But when you start looking into self-made scrubs, you’ll find out it’s much cheaper, more fun, less waste, more environment friendly entirely.

At first I used a mixture of salt, olive oil and honey which worked like a charm as a body scrub. I wanted something vegan though and without the honey, this scrub would have been too runny.

In the moment I’m a big fan of coconut-lemon-sea-salt scrub. Super easy to make and I can’t stop scrubbing.

How to make coconut-lemon-sea-salt scrub?

Spoon coconut oil into a 4oz mason jar, shovel sea salt in (I use the pink sea salt that I get in the bulk aisle) and drop in 30-40 drops of lemon essential oil. Mix it all together. Start scrubbing.

I use it under the shower or in the bath tub for body and face. The skin feels very oily while it’s still wet but it absorbs the oil pretty quick and even my face is not oily at all.

I’m wondering why I have to think about Margaritas all the time though…?

Scrub Cocktail anyone?

Maybe I’ll try a mojito scrub next time, just need some mint.

coconut lemon body scrub

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  1. Ok right when I read coconut-lemon and sea salt I instantly thought hmm that reminds me of a margarita. Then I read further down and saw you mentioning margaritas hahaha. Some vodka could be nice too, maybe. You know this is a great way of life when you can have a fabulous body scrub and maybe a drink from the same ingredients!

    • It is! I want to sit under a cocktail umbrella in my bathtub 🙂 I’ve got to stick to virgin cocktail for now, 30 weeks pregnant.

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