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Tiffy and Fin

tiffin togo container

May I introduce Tiffy and Fin?

Identical twin tiffins, stainless steel, new family members, waiting for their first assignment as deluxe doggy bag replacements.

In case you wonder what a tiffin is… It’s a stainless steel lunch container from India where one to many layers are stacked on top of each other. Usually they have a handle on top.

I wanted to get steel food containers for a while now but never knew which size was the right one. We would just need them for leftover food in a restaurant. Dish sizes in the US are much, much too big for me usually.

Kathryn from Going Zero Waste recommended her little tiffin with two layers to me and I ordered two (here, $10 off referral code here).

They are really cute.

Now the biggest challenge with those guys is to have them with us when we need them in a restaurant. Guess, they will move into our car and wait. We usually dine out once a week, so no worries, Tiffy and Fin don’t have to wait long.

What do you do with left over food in restaurants? Leave it there? Get the carton box or what ever the restaurant offers? Or bring your own?