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Homemade Pizza

Frozen pizza costs somewhere between 8 to 12 dollars or so. We’ve got three in the freezer and call them ’emergency pizza’, throw them in the oven when we’re super hungry and didn’t plan anything aka were surprised by how fast time went by and just realized how late it is due to a cranky toddler.

Today, I was a better mom. At 10am I thought about homemade pizza. And I was again surprised how fun and easy it is to make pizza from scratch.

How to make homemade pizza

Dissolve 1 tablespoon active dry yeast, 1 teaspoon sugar and 1 cup warm water. Measure 3 cups all purpose flour and whirl 1 teaspoon of salt under, roughly. When yeasty water is bubbly, mix everything in the food processor or with a handheld mixer until a dough ball forms itself. Forget about it for a while (min. 1,5 hours). I got all ingredients packaging free in bulk.

With lots of flour on kitchen counter surface and rolling pin make round pizza thingis and distribute tomato sauce over them. Plus grated cheese. And other stuff found in the fridge.

Costs a fraction of the frozen one, tastes great but the best thing of all: if you have a toddler at home, ask her or him to help. So much fun! Everything is kind of everywhere. 

And this is also a great way to avoid the dreaded ‘Mommy, I don’t like that‘ sentence even before you said what it is going to be for dinner. Yes, June does that. Goes like this:

‘Are you hungry, June?’

‘Yes!’ … (smiling)

‘Great! Dinner is ready.’

‘I don’t like thaaaaat.’ (Without having any clue what it’s going to be.)

Now after this fun event, I’ll try to involve her again more often. Since baby brother was born, we didn’t cook together but we’ll do from now on, promise!

Had a good mommy day today. Which even included jogging with June. No stroller! She runs.



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  1. It looks like you guys had so much fun! I love making pizza!! It’s a weekly (or bi-weekly) thing. When we’re feeling extra lazy, the pizza parlor puts the dough right in our jar! It’s only $2.00 a fraction of that frozen pizza price and way quicker!! Also, if you’re in a hurry pizza dough freezes really well! You can make up a big batch and it’s kinda like frozen pizza.

    • Yeah! I’d love to make some pre-rolled and tomato-ed pizzas and freeze them but am still trying to find a good container for freezing without plastic. Any idea?

      • I have these large round containers that when flipped upside down can be used as a cake container (Great for using at the bakery) this could work as well for pizza. We make homemade pizza once a week. The kids LOVE it! So easy. I don’t even wait the recommended time for our dough – I mix it up by hand (less washing ;)) and then do up the rest of the ingredients – as soon as everything is ready we roll out the dough. It works great! The whole dinner process takes 45 minutes including baking – so easy! I freeze balls of dough in mason jars or large beeswax paper (abeego) and we batch make marinara sauce and use for both pasta sauce and pizza! Zero Waste IS still fun! haha

  2. Looks delicious đŸ™‚ I usually mix some whole grain flour into it…. Depending on the taste of course! Enjoy!!

  3. Inge, this is fantastic. And what a fun activity! My mom and I actually did this recently, and I’m 25 years old–haha! I had just started grad school and called my mama to come help me stock the freezer–I was TOTALLY running out of time to cook meals!!! So, she came, we cooked, we laughed, and we stocked all day. SUCH FUN and SUCH a blessing. It is a joy to see you and your adorable little one making pizzas and memories, too.

    About the plastic issue…I have been thinking a lot about glassware. Like the Anchorware with the rubber lids? I’ve been thinking that perhaps I should simply roll my crusts to fit the size of a rectangular container, par bake, and then stack the cooled crusts within (maybe with a bit of compostable wax paper between). How does that sound to you?

    • Sweet! So cool, that you’re having a great relationship with your mom! Thanks for the tip. Couldn’t find Anchorware through google but I know what you mean and I think that’s a great idea. You could even use beeswax sheets in between! I’ll totally try that!

  4. So cute ! Indeed, putting children in the kitchen to help cooking is a good way to involve them in our way of life. We tried many times for dessert ^^ At the end, they help also to choose zero waste stuff đŸ™‚

  5. ShackledMuse says

    And the dough is Cheryl, I mean vegan, friendly! Hehe.
    Sounds so easy to make. Can’t wait to try this over the weekend

  6. I usually only make pizza in the summer, when I have more time and can let the sun do the rising work. And during the school year I cheat and make “pizza toast” plus get takeout pizza once a month in my own pans. But you are reminding me how easy it actually is to do it more often! Have you ever tried OO flour?

  7. Definitely update if you figure out a way to pre-make and freeze whole pizzas. I love making pizza when I have the time, but it would be nice to replicate a zero waste version of a frozen pizza for it’s versatility.

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