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Hunting egg replacements

Wanting to do something with coconut flour I made those Avocado Coconut Cookies. The first batch was almost exactly as described in that recipe. I used cow milk, instead of the almond milk, because there was no other milk available in that moment. The cookies turned out very tasty and they looked exactly like meatballs which brought some fun at the party we brought them to.

The party guests were surprised to learn about the Avocado in the cookies but quickly decided that replacing butter with Avocado would be quite cool.

With my second batch I attempted to make a vegan version. I replaced the cow milk with coconut milk from a fresh coconut. Here is a short manual on how to open a young coconut.

Researching possible egg replacement options I decided to give pureed silken tofu a try. In front of the store’s fridge I was about to change my mind because tofu can’t be bought without plastic wrapped around it. But as I didn’t research any other alternative to eggs, I finally, after staring for at least 10 min at the tofu assortment, decided to go for it.

searching egg replacement in the tofu fridge

Pureeing the tofu was quick and easy with the mixer. As it wasn’t clear exactly how much pureed tofu would be needed to replace those two eggs in the cookie recipe, I simply added some. The dough looked very tasty.

Whether my two-egg-replacement-guesstimate was too far off, or the baking time or temperature should have changed with this new ingredient I don’t know. Something wasn’t right with those cookies. I had to stop the baking because, even though they were still wobbly, they started to get a very dark crust. They held on to the parchment paper quite well so that I ended up with a sheet of parchment paper with the lower end of cookies and a plate full of upper cookie parts, slightly raw in their middle.

The taste was ok. I ate a bunch but then decided that texture is part of the eating pleasure.

So, tofu was not it. In the meantime I had read something about soy not really being the most healthy ingredient. Not sure how much is true about this and also didn’t invest much time researching it. There are other egg replacement options out there which I will try first before I may return to pureed tofu.

Looking for a vegan egg replacement that doesn’t bring any waste with it (in case you don’t know about my zero waste challenge yet read this), any ideas out there?

Flax eggs sounds super simple, here is a quick how-to about making fax eggs. There is still a pack of ‘Whole ground golden Flax seed” in my pantry which I looked at often but had no clue what to do with it.

So, tomorrow it’s Flax eggs time!!

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