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Make Yogurt

If you’ve read Quark Part I and Quark Part II, then you know that I can make fake Quark (Greek Yogurt) from regular, plain yogurt. And that I’m quite happy about it because it’s super easy and removes one plastic container from our fridge.

Now to make it even better, I’ve experimented with making yogurt, because that would eliminate another plastic container and would make me even happier.

I followed roughly this recipe from Trina Holden: Easiest Yogurt Recipe Ever. And I can confirm, it is super easy.

To summarize what I’m doing:

  • Cook 1 Liter of fresh Straus milk
  • Let cool down till finger warm
  • Stir in 3 table spoons of yogurt
  • Place in hot water bath
  • Wait a couple of hours till it has yogurt consistency


Isn’t that simple? And so lovely plastic free!

And now with that you can make the simple fake quark by letting the whey drip out of it over night as described in the quark posts.

It’s all together like 15 min work on my part to make 500 ml yogurt and 500 ml quark. Not even. There is much waiting in between but who’s waiting till milk cools down by standing in front of it? So that doesn’t count into preparation time.

Next level will be to make cream cheese. Has anyone tried that? Any good recipes that you could share with me? The easier the better.


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  1. Cool! I didn’t know it was that easy!! I was looking to maybe make my own yoghurt, but my boyfriend has asked me to go dairy-free with him for the time being. I’ll certainly bookmark this, though, in case he changes his mind 😉

  2. I try to eat vegan as much as I can too. The Yogurt I make for my husband who eats it with granola and fruits in the morning. It’s definitely super simple.

    • Thanks so much! That is so funny! My last attempt to make yogurt was not successful but I just found out now reading this that I was on the way to make cheese! I thought I had messed up! The only thing I didn’t do was the step with the weight. I’ll do it again!

    • Alright! I tried it! It’s super easy and it tastes great. It’s not a replacement for cream cheese but It will definitely be great on bread with roasted tomatoes! Thanks again for the recipe!

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