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Magical wet wipes

“Oh wow! You make your own wet wipes!” This sentence often comes with an awestruck look. I want to show you though, that it is super simple. So simple, even a toddler can do it.

To be exact, June will show you in a second. The steps:

  • Make a tea with camomile and calendula
  • Let cool, strain, add some soap and olive oil
  • Soak cotton wipes, fold and put in container

Now, here comes June:

Dang! That WAS easy, right?  That’s all the magic behind homemade wet wipes.

Now you go and get yourself some bulk ingredients and make your own wet wipes, momma. It’s a great way to keep your little one busy on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

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  2. Interesting recipe! I gotta say I never researched ideas before I made my own (I just soak in a half vinegar/ half water solution, and I love them!). Do you find they leave any soap on your hands afterwards? Yes, so fun for kids! Danielle- if you’re reading these responses, mine started as hand wipes but now I find myself using them on the kitchen table, windows, mirrors, and the dashboard as well… addicting!

    • That’s funny. I started using them for our babies butts and that’s still the main application. But I also use them to clean almost everything (except windows, mirrors, that would leave streaks).

  3. Love this! I’m a relative beginner at zero waste lifestyle and I also just found out that I’m pregnant, and am looking for zero waste solutions for raising a baby, though wise mothers everywhere are telling me that cloth nappies, etc. are “way too much work”. It’s inspiring to see someone raising kids without compromising your zero waste values! 🙂

    • The cloth diapers worked well for us. If you have a washing machine and find the right routine, it’s not complicated at all. I recommend finding someone who is experienced with cloth diapers in order to find the right diapers and a good washing routine. Also … right after birth, like the first couple of days… give yourself the freedom to use disposables. You have so much new stuff to learn with a new baby already 🙂
      Congratulations !!

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