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Sensory fun gift manufactory: We’re making Zero Waste body scrub

Toddler makes Body Scrub

Here is a sensory fun Zero Waste Gift making game for kids. I bought organic cane sugar and sea salt in bulk during the day and asked Juni in the evening if she wanted to help me make some body scrub for friends. She just loves helping and saw some shoveling fun coming up. So with a big grin she said, YES!!

The ingredients for our body scrub:

  • Sea salt (bulk)
  • Organic cane sugar (bulk)
  • Almond oil (glass bottle)
  • doTerra essential oils
  • 4 oz mason jars (can be reused for many other things)
  • lots of spoons
  • a large bowl

If you don’t have bulk grocery shopping options close to you, see if you can find sea salt and sugar packaged in paper. This can be composted or recycled and would get you pretty close to Zero Waste.

I still had the ‘We don’t want salt everywhere’ thought going on when we started so I placed the first mason jar in the big bowl to make sure most of the spilled salt would be caught in there. That wasn’t much fun though and the big bowl had do go pretty soon. To my surprise it was not a big mess, June was really cautious and managed to get most of it in the small jars.

She filled the jars with either salt or sugar, I added a bunch of drops of essential oil. Make sure your essential oils are therapeutic grade! I use doTerra Lemon essential oil and delicious Wild Orange oil and I love the Rosemary oil. We then poured together almond oil over it. She did some of the stirring but eventually decided that stirring was my job.

Those are easily made small gifts for friends. It’s not an exact science, no measurement required. Just fill up the jar with salt or sugar, drop 5-7 drops of essential oils in there, add enough almond oil that it makes a scrub like texture. And that’s it.

Sugar lemon body scrub with Almond Oil

It’s sensory fun for a kid June’s age, I’d say starting at around 2 years. It requires some balance and finesse but it’s not the end of the world if stuff doesn’t go as expected (e.g. a pile of salt on the table is easily taken care of). The essential oils should be handled by an adult. The gift giving made us both happy. June loved giving self made gifts to her teachers and I enjoy seeing the face of everyone who smells their new body scrub.

We mixed it up. Our body scrub creations:

  • Lemon sugar scrub
  • Lemon rosemary sea salt scrub
  • Sugar wild orange scrub
  • Sea salt wild orange scrub
  • Grapefruit sugar scrub

Even if you’re not a scrubbing type of person, you wont be able to resist the smell. It smells so delicious that you would like to immediately go take a shower or bath and indulge in this yummy-ness.

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  1. I absolutely loved the pictures! This makes me nostalgic for the days as a kid when I was obsessed with making my own handsoap and I gave little gift boxes to my family and friends every year <3

  2. I’ve made scrubs like that before. It is always fun to see people’s faces when they find out that it was home-made. I usually stick a tag with the recipe on it too in case they want to make more. đŸ™‚

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