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Please help me! I need to compost everywhere

Really, I need your help with this one. I’ve tried many things and can’t find a good solution. It drives me crazy. In the past I had thought that all those potato peels and apple cores and pasta left overs and strawberry leaves that I’m throwing in the trash are simply composting in the landfill and turn into soil and that’s it.  My bad! That actually doesn’t happen. In Landfills my food scraps and your food scraps and everyone else’s food scraps (in total 70+ million tons per year) turn into a toxic cocktail that drips into the ground water and creates a  huge amount of methane, a greenhouse gas that is much worse than CO2.  The solution for this problem is easy: Composting the food scraps instead of throwing them in the trash can. Through composting the food scraps turn into nutrient rich soil. While living in a house I was able to figure out a good composting option for our family. Now I’m a full time traveler though, changing locations often, sometimes every other day and …


Earth Master & Yard Butler

The EARTH MASTER got a butler. Initially I didn’t want a regular compost heap because you have to mix the compost every now and then to get air in there in order to speed up the composting process. That’s one reason why I decided for the worm bin. I didn’t want to haul a heavy garden shovel around and spend a bunch of hours shoveling stinky stuff from left to right. With the Earth Master, you’re also supposed to mix stuff around but now I found the right tool to do it: Yard Butler Compost Aerator! Super easy to use! You simply poke it in, can turn it clockwise to  get it even deeper in the compost and then just pull it up. Not heavy, just a tiny little bit stinky and even fun to do. With that, our compost should be ready much faster. Yay! GRüNISH is also on Twitter and bloglovin! Follow me 🙂 Twitter: @GRueNISH bloglovin: GRüNISH  

worm bin composting

The end of battalion Earth Worms

Garage Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of battalion Earth Worms. Its mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new food and new civilizations, to boldly go where no worm has gone before. Slender bodies pushed their way through the wooden barriers into the unknown, seeking adventure and new resources. Little did they know when they started their journey. Space on the other side of the wooden barrier was remorseless. No water, no food, only strange, impenetrable surface. The battalion marched hard but suffered under the immense loss of way too many comrades. 4 months after the worms moved in with us, they gave up. They may have been disappointed that they were not capable of taking care of enough of our food scraps. I tried giving only shredded stuff to them, but that didn’t help much. We still needed to throw most organic waste into the landfill bin so we invited the EARTH MASTER over, as an additional composting option. He turned into a serious competitor of the worms. And finally, the worms …

earthmaster compost bin

Serious competition

Sorry, my worm friends but you’re simply too slow. You’re not even making it through a cup of shredded veggies in a week, or two weeks. I do not want to accuse you guys of laziness but you’re supposed to be THE eating machines and make it through a whole bucket of kitchen scraps in a week. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for hanging out when the weather is hot. But you’ve got a clear task: make some nice compost for Inge’s garden. I gave you more than enough time to think this whole thing over. I’ve begged and preached and honored you with a deluxe work environment. Still, you’re just munching bits and pieces and, if you’d have a hand, I’m sure you’d show me your tiny middle fingers. Fine! Just be aware, there is a new guy in town: the EARTH MASTER!! You won’t see him, because he’s hiding between two fluffy bushes. He’s black, he’s tall, he promises much compost, he’s made of recycled plastic and he has a huge mouth waiting for veggie, …

worm bin composting

Worm progress

In case you’re wondering how our two pounds of wiggly, slimy pets are doing here is an update from the worms and a couple of observations. First of all: They are alive! Whew! They currently live in 2 of the 5-wooden-trays of a worm composter. I thought, wood must be good, because it’s natural, it’s not plastic, the worms will love it and it is in itself compostable. One initial observation is, that wood can bend when it gets very dry (eg during transportation) and that can lead to bend trays, which can open secret sneak-out-paths. When our worms moved into their new habitat, quite a bunch decided that they wanted to explore the whole, wide world of our garage instead of staying in a box. Poor guys! I had to broom piles of dry worms from our garage floor for a couple of days. No worries though. The majority of the worms likes the wooden boxes and stayed to check out the delis about to come. Observation number 2: They are getting veeery slowly up …

worm composter

Earth worms !!

How exciting! It took quite long to get here but now it is! The future home of a bunch of thousands of earth worms. Yeah, you really read that, earth worms! They’ll probably move in next week. But first things first: There is no green bin in Hood River, Oregon. That was a big surprise when we first checked out the trashcans in our new home. What are people doing with their veggie and fruit scraps and other food bits and pieces that are not eaten? The garbage collection organization here says, you can either put those things in the landfill bin or bury in your garden. Our ‘garden’ is a tiny grass area where I wouldn’t want to dig wholes every week to get rid of a bucket of organic stuff. First we considered asking our neighbor if we could use a small part of her garden for a compost pile. She has a huge garden and barely uses it for something. But reading about compost piles, how to build compost piles and how to care …